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The Silent Engineer loves theory. The written examination in June is 50% of the total grade and no student can achieve an A1 grade in Higher Level Engineering without first mastering the theory paper. This is where The Silent  Engineer can help.


This theory section deals specifically with the core topics of the Leaving Certificate Examination. They are condensed summaries and do not contain all information available on each topic, but they do give a succinct explanation of each topic. The Silent Engineer feels that a detailed knowledge of these summaries will serve an Honours Engineering student very well in the Examination.

Options - 4 questions must be answered from the following

Cumpulsory - question 1A & 1B must be answered

Question 8 Mechanisms & Control Question 7 Machining Question 6 Polymers Question 5 Material Joining Question 4 Alloys Question 3 Heat Treatment Question 2 Materials Testing Question 1 Section B Prescribed Topic 2015 Question 1 Section A Short Answer Questions