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Question 1B     Prescribed Research Topic

The Silent Engineer loves the Prescribed Research Topic. The research topic is one of the many facets of the Engineering Technology Examination which makes the subject unique in the Leaving Certificate, and also much more interesting to the engineering student. Each Leaving Certificate cohort are presented with a different topic to research as decided by the State Examinations Commission. The Prescribed Research Topic for 2018 is "Basic principles of operation and applications of Drone Technology"


We would like to thank Mr. David Sims from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Limerick Institute of Technology for allowing us to make his excellent presentation on this years Research Topic available here. It should prove invaluable to students in their research.




For followers of The Silent Engineer who will sit the Leaving Certificate Engineering Examination in 2019, their Prescribed Research Topic is : "Basic principles of operation and applications of nanotechnology".


The Silent Engineer will make information available here to aid your research of this topic in the autumn of 2018.

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