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The Silent Engineer loves precision. The Engineering Practical is a six hour precision fitting examination, testing skills of accuracy, workmanship and finishing all under a time constraint. The discipline of cutting metals and polymers with skill in the manufacture of a precise working mechanism is beautiful when executed correctly. This part of the examination is worth 25%, and is completed on a set day in May under external supervision.

An Engineering student will rely heavily on the skills and processes learned in the engineering workshop under the supervision of their teacher to complete a good quality practical examination.

The Silent Engineer will provide tips to students for their practical on how to prepare, good work methods and mistakes to avoid. This information will be available shortly.


The information to candidates for the 2017 Engineering Practical Examination is available below, courtesy of the State Examinations Commission website,

Please note that the materials and components listed in this document are to be prepared prior to the Practical Examination in May, 2017.

Engineering Practical Examination 2017